A photo of me staring at nothing (Paris, 2015)

A photo of me staring at nothing (Paris, 2015)

What's a Rivas?

I majored in both Fine Art & Graphic Design at the Art Institute of New York City. After a series of art shows and creative projects, I went on to design at Worstofall Design, where I worked for nearly two years.

I've had the opportunity to develop designs for agencies throughout New York on a freelance basis. Eventually I worked for architect Juan Matiz at Matiz Architecture & Design, developing environmental graphics and identities for architectural projects over the course of three years. This allowed me to further explore my passion for designing furniture, creating my first produced piece for Carrillo Woodworking toward the end of 2016.

Passionate to the creative process of design, my main focus includes anything that impacts the emotions and ideas of others. Creativity can be treated in variety, and a constant challenge is what keeps me motivated. What I create will define how unique a project will be, and I plan to get there by doing things differently.

For me, design isn't about what you make, but rather, a way to explore the personality of the client and their ideas waiting to come to life. Overall, it’s about creating memorable identities that resonate with the message of who I work with. Anyone can make great graphics – My job is to explore the importance of the story being told through captivating visuals and brand strategies.