Portrait by Hahn Bo (Sculpture Space NYC, 2018)

James Rivas is a native New Yorker, with more than eight years of design expertise through a large range of specialties including brand identity, digital strategy, product production, editorial design, environmental design, and visual interactive experiences. On his spare time, James is an avid ceramic artist, recognized in multiple publications for his work and visual aesthetic.

Previously, James founded Studio BLOQ, a strategic design collective focused on implementing digital strategies and branded advertising to a large range of clients. Throughout the course of his career, some previous clients have included New York University, Planned Parenthood, The NoMad District of NYC, Lincoln Motors, and Carnegie Hall.

James is passionate in designing ideas that are attractive in both form and function. He believes that any story can be elevated through an emotional understanding and a captivating visual strategy. He enjoys close collaboration with others, providing alternate perspectives to ensure conceptual analysis always supersedes original expectations.