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Creative Arts + Design

I Like to Play With Mud.

Sourced from the Earth, clay is composed of minerals and organisms that have collaborated over time to create a medium composed of limitless opportunities. Its timeless nature supersedes the life of everything living, which is why I choose to work in this element. Each piece is immortalized through nature, and each have the potential to leave an impression on the world for centuries to come.


When Old
Meets New.

I approach all of my vessels with a modern adaptation of traditional methodologies. Through a historic and scientific understanding of both technique and composition, I seek to develop objects that intertwine varying moments of creativity, from previous eras to current events in our world today. I mostly enjoy mixing minimal forms with subtly-complex glazing techniques, creating a characterized, one-of-a-kind feeling for throughout every one of my pieces. Overall, my greatest passion is influencing others, mostly with what I love to create.



I'm heavily drawn toward creating pieces of simplistic influence. Ceramics rich in wash, form and texture create an instantaneous relationship between the work and who makes an encounter. Inspired by nature and it's chemical composition of materials, I enjoy creating interactions of interest, sparking curiosity in those who often overlook objects of both function and creativity. Pride in how I approach this method is my passion, and I enjoy emoting this passion with others through my work.



Educating the importance of tradition plays a heavy role in how my ceramics are made, allowing their aesthetic to connect people together naturally— My lineage’s traditional importance and experiences of my personal upbringing have given me the opportunity to resonate with others through a sedimentary perspective . Previously displayed at Sculpture Space NYC